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Computer Wizards, LLC has been serving the Greater Baton Rouge area in IT Consulting since 1997. We proudly represent many software and hardware vendors and provide cost-effective solutions for computer techniciansmall business needs. Our specialty is PROMPT, PROFESSIONAL service. We listen to your needs and tailor solutions that FIT. "Off the shelf" doesn't count here.

Immediate need? Many problem can be resolved in minutes without waiting for an appointment... right over our secure web support portal.

Whether you need computer support, computer repair, IT consulting, computer networking or server maintenance, The Computer Wizards can help. Our team of consultants have years of experience working with businesses both large and small. In House IT is something most small businesses cannot dedicate the salary, training, and staffing to do. We leverage our knowledge across multiple clients to give you the best service possible.

Better, Faster, More Reliable Service
Spend Less Money than Hiring Internally - Call the Wizards

Why Choose Us? - Baton Rouge Computer Technicians

  • Cost effective solutions for small business needs
  • Remote support options. We are just a click away!
  • We adapt our offerings to match your needs. One size does not fit all
  • We act as your "in house" IT help desk

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If you are looking for a Baton Rouge computer technician then please call 225.751.7736 or complete our online request form.